Spun Glass Angel Hair

Angel Cloud Spun Glass Angel Hair for Christmas & Other Decorating


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  • Genuine spun glass angel hair, just like you remember from childhood!
  • Large 2 ounce bag, enough to generously decorate your tree or other holiday displays
  • Soft beautiful vintage look for your Christmas decorating
  • Flame resistant; for decorative use only – not a toy
  • Caution spun glass protect hands when using

Genuine Spun Glass Angel Hair, create a beautiful vintage look for your Christmas tree and other decorating. Make ornaments, use on your nativity for a snow blanket effect. Made in USA.

Item Condition: New. Brand new, sealed package full size 2 ounce bag.

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Weight 0.16 lbs
Dimensions 6.50 × 2.40 × 11.00 in