Dangling Skeleton Halloween Garland, Black/Silver

Dangling Skeleton Halloween Garland, Black/Silver, Lot of 12 Packs


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Dangling Skeleton Halloween Garland, Black/Silver, bulk buy, wholesale lot of 12 packages. Each package includes four pieces jointed skeleton on jute twine. Trim a doorway, railing or table with this plastic skeleton garland! These creepy characters are just hanging around waiting for a party. Edge an eerie hallway or wall hanging with a strand of 6 inch bony skeletons on a long cord. Tie a few together to cover a large area. Realistic and scary aged and splattered silver on black look! Skeletons are poseable. Head and legs rotate, arms have limited bendability.

Perfect to resell or for crafters and home decorators.

Dangling Skeleton Halloween Garland, Black/Silver, Wholesale Lot of 24 packs

  • Creepy skeleton garland for Halloween decorating – 5 feet of jute twine with four 6-inch bony skeletons! Plastic.
  • Perfect for stringing along a doorway, decorating the table, trimming trees or bushes, stringing with Halloween lights and more!
  • Use two or more sets to enhance the look!
Item Condition: New.

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